Land Clearing and Tree Planting Projects

Since starting this project in January 2018 we have had Tesco and Optivo help to clear and dig the land enabling us to plant 500 bluebells, 40 whips, 4 Scotch Pine, Alder and BeechTrees. So a big Thank You. Since then we have cleared other areas and planted another 2000 British Native Wild Bulbs and over 450 British Native Trees.

On 23rd February 2018 Team Tesco headed up by the amazing Julie Wicker came and helped us .
Team Tesco helped dig and prepare the ground for the Alders and Beech trees which were planted the next day.
Julie also supported us on her day off when we had our first activity day.
Thank you Tesco Northdown Road, Cliftonville
Optivo Dug for Britain and helped clear 2 areas for tree planting.

Optivo turned up on the 21st of March 2018 with 10 volunteers who all dug and helped to clear land. Thank you Sarah Putnam and her team of volunteers. We planted 5 Scotch Pine in the area cleared. They have since been back and helped to dig and clear another area and weed our allotments.


Thank you for Optivo 

School & Post 16 Education Projects

Our Pond Project
Liberty Training, Kent Mentor Support and St Anthony's School helped us design and build a raised pond partially on the land Optivo helped to clear. All visited us and had a budget to work with to buy the resources to make the pond. Julie Wickers from Tesco helped to choose the best idea. We were able to fund this project with the help of the young people involved and build the pond with their help. They learnt new skills, measuring, sawing and working as part of a team. We now have resident newts and insects.

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