This is an aerial view of the forest school

This photo was taken in 2017 a lot has changed

What is Forest School?

Forest schools are early childhood programs that take place completely outdoors during all weathers and seasons. Allowing the learning and development to occur in a natural environment, usually woodland. When learning outdoors, children interact differently than when in the structured and rule-based classroom. They are freer to move, to make more noise and to behave differently. The outdoor environment challenges children in different ways, so that those who do well in the classroom are not always the same as those who thrive outdoors. Personal, social and emotional development are seen as being at the forefront and the focus is on emergent curriculum where hands on, experimental and play-based learning is emphasized, no two classes are the exactly the same and children lead with their interests and passions. Children also have the opportunity to learn and develop a relationship with the natural world in a supportive environment while developing valuable skills that they will use throughout their lives.:

  • Problem solving

  • Creativity

  • Resilience and perseverance

  • Cooperation with others

  • Risk assessment

  • Boundary setting

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Thereby building children’s confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Our fun-filled sessions are wholly child centered and led with children gaining a better understanding of the seasonally changing state of nature.

Dressing for forest school:

Dressing for the elements is very important and there is no such thing as too many layers.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • thick wellie socks (or multiple layers of socks)

  • wellies

  • long-johns or tights

  • trousers and waterproof over-trousers

  • vest and layered tops

  • fleece and waterproof coat

  • gloves and hat

  • sun cream

  • sun hat

  • long sleeved T Shirts

For more information visit The Forest School Association 

Forest School is more about the process than the activities set. Whilst there will be structure, they will also steer their own learning journeys and have the freedom to explore, make their own choices and apply their knowledge and skills.
As well as free time to run and explore on their own, use their own individual imaginations and creativity.
Our Forest school activities include:

  • Woodland walks and nature trails

  • Nature crowns

  • Mini-beasting

  • Shelter building

  • Making teddy homes

  • Forest School stories

  • Basic tool use to make mini-beast hotels, wooden snakes, tree cookies, leaf presses etc.

  • Building and lighting fires with simple camp fire cooking

  • 123...where are you? Hide and seek game

  • Puddle splashing, mud painting, mud sliding

  • Exploring and collecting woodland materials to make natural art

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Clay creatures

  • Natural music

  • Nature detectives

  • Constructing ovens and cooking food on fire

  • Building wooden and rope bridges

  • Blindfold / trust games

  • Using tools to create woodland crafts e.g. whistles, charcoal pencils, mallets etc.

  • Willow weaving

  • Exploring habitats

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